World Refugee Day Festival 2013

The essence of people.

For many, World Refugee Day Festival is the chance to show our support or to learn more about people of refugee backgrounds, but it is much more than that. World Refugee Day Festival is a chance for people to come into contact with themselves. The Festival is a safe space to reclaim and take back control of a world thought to have decayed and perished in the life before this one, allowing free flow of the self and a platform where one’s voice holds merit. Each year the World Refugee Day Festival gives rise for the spirit to be, regardless of race, colour, creed , status or life experience. These things are and always will remain a part of each person’s mosaic but it is though the nurturing of a healthy spirit of self that one can set the course for healing and positive change. Melaleuca Refugee Centre would like to extend its gratitude to our key sponsors Department of Immigration and Citizenship, City of Darwin “Healthy City” program, Darwin Community Arts Centre, Football Federation NT, Multicultural Council of the NT, Refugee Week and Refugee Council of Australia. Our thanks to the many volunteers, contributing organisations, Melaleuca staff, Darwinites and to the Site Manager and sound guys. Last but by no means least, our deepest appreciation and respect to all community members involved. It is your guidance, leadership and spirit which ensured the success of this year’s World Refugee Day Festival.

Photo Credits: Pas Tassone, Deb Lord, Paul Wyatt


International Human Rights Day 2012

Photos from NT Council for Human Rights Education


Deckchair Film Fundraiser “The Lady” 2012


World Refugee Day Festival 2012

Official Photographer Mark Norman