Culture: Diversity from the Inside Out

Successfully securing employment for migrants and refugees collectively relies on the public, private and community sectors’ willingness and ability to attract, recruit and retain a culturally diverse workforce. As a means of promoting cultural diversity in the workplace, Melaleuca has launched a new initiative – Culture: Diversity from the Inside Out.

How does the Program work?

Our research indicates that the public and community sectors lead the way in terms of investing in culturally diverse workforces. However, more needs to be done to encourage and support the private sector, particularly small business, to do the same.

To better promote cultural diversity in the workplace, the Program engages two targeted engagement strategies to help Jobactive migrant and refugee job seekers to secure jobs:

  • Employer Engagement Strategy – working with employers on a one-on-one basis, Melaleuca co-creates employment solutions that include employing people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, with the ultimate goal of job placement.
  • Jobactive Migrant and Refugee Job Seekers Engagement Strategy – Melaleuca leads the delivery of a 12 month coaching program underpinned by individualised case management support and service to migrants and refugees aged 16 – 64 years.

Breaking down the barriers to employment

Through Melaleuca’s experience and extensive consultations, we understand that migrants and refugees face many barriers to employment – both real and perceived – primarily due to the following reasons:

  • low levels of English literacy and communication skills
  • lack of work experience in Australia
  • some migrants’ and refugees’ lack of motivation, self-esteem, confidence, initiative and problem solving attitude which may or may not be attributed to personal experiences of torture and trauma
  • lack of understanding regarding the Australian culture
  • employers’ lack of cultural diversity awareness and understanding
  • negative attitudes of employers or their human resource professionals toward migrants and refugees
  • lack of migrant and refugee social and business networks
  • real or perceived discrimination stemming from some or all of the above.

Who are our Program partners?

We’re grateful to be supported by and working with the following key partners:

  • Sally Sievers, NT’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner is the Program Patron and endorser of this initiative. In this capacity, Ms Sievers assists in raising awareness regarding the NT Anti-Discrimination Act and promotes the principles of cultural workplace diversity.
  • The Chamber of Commerce NT: The Chamber promotes this initiative to Darwin based members, supports Melaleuca with introductions to potential employers and will host the ‘Chamber NT Business at Sunset’ member’s event onsite at Melaleuca. The event will enable the business community to connect with Darwin’s migrant and refugee community and potential candidates.
  • Wise Employment, Jobactive Provider: This organisation helps to identify and screen eligible Jobactive candidates who meet the entry criteria to participate in the intensive coaching program, identify suitable job vacancies for candidates and support the recruitment process.
  • Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory (MCNT): As a key Program partner, MCNT assists to identify potential program participants and guest speakers; communicates the Program’s opportunities, progress and outcomes to members of the migrant community; hosts and promotes celebratory and promotional events; supports the coordination of Program activities; and assists with evaluation and feedback from participants and migrant communities.

Any queries?

For more information about the Inside Out, please contact us on 08 8985 3311 or at