Community Development

Melaleuca delivers a range of community development programs underpinned by the key principles and values of Community Development: education, participation, democracy, advocacy and strategies of community empowerment and strengthening that build social capital and community capacity. In the case of survivors of torture and trauma, community development rebuilds resilience which may have been eroded by past experiences.

Community Development accepts that the impact of torture and state-sanctioned violence may result in distrust and conflict, and aims to build social cohesion and strength. It identifies and builds on individual and community assets. It links the community with others in collaborative partnerships, and empowers individuals and communities who are particularly disadvantaged within the resettlement country.

Community Development Programs

  • Families in Cultural Transition (FICT)
  • Tips & Ideas on Parenting Skills (TIPS)
  • Community Liaison
  • Training and Education
  • Refugee Support Network (RSN)

Community engagement is strengthened through:

  • World Refugee Week
  • Annual Deckchair Fundraiser
  • Harmony Day
  • International Women’s Day
  • Sea-Breeze Festival