Living in Australia: Families in Cultural Transition (FICT)

FICT The cornerstone Living in Australia: Families in Cultural Transition (FICT) Program is a series of workshops for those who have met their initial basic needs and now face the challenge of settling into a vastly different culture. Through group work activities, the workshops explore issues such as:

  • cultural differences between Australia and the country of origin,
  • an exchange of ideas about accessing and dealing with various Australian systems
  • Family relationships
  • Parenting, children and youth
  • Money
  • Health and Wellbeing

The program builds upon participants strengths, as well as providing them with practical information and skills to develop stronger community support networks and feel more confident to engage with services within the wider Darwin community.

FICT at Melaleuca

Melissa Challis has recently joined the Melaleuca team as our new Families in Cultural Transition (FICT) Program Coordinator. She brings with her some valuable experience from social and community development work with refugee groups both here in Australia and internationally.

Melissa is currently beginning to plan the next FICT programs at Melaleuca and would love to connect and hear from you and your community. If you feel that there might be a need within your community for a FICT program, have ideas or input that you would like to share, or would like to know more information please contact Melissa.

Further information and contact

Melissa Challis – FICT Program Coordinator
Phone: 0419 333 877   or   (08) 8985 3311