Tips & Ideas on Parenting Skills Program (TIPS)

Being a parent is rewarding but also challenging. No matter how people arrive in Australia, moving to another country can put further pressure on parents and other caregivers. The Tips & Ideas on Parenting Skills Program focuses on the simple and practical matters of parenting, whilst creating the space for self-discovery through the sharing of parenting experiences. The Program is designed for specific cultural groups and conducted by trained community facilitators in the relevant language/s. Mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, grandparents and other carers of children are all invited to attend.

What do people get out of it?

People speak for themselves:

“I was honestly blown away by the discussions of parents, seriousness, and relevance of the workshop to me not only as a father but also as a person.”

As busy of a weekend as this seemed, I left at the end of the training satisfied with the care I gave to all of my children. I realized how much I learned and how often I utilize the skills identified in the TIPS workshop.”

“What I learned is that one doesn’t have to be perfect or have all the answers, one has to be genuine and real.”

Who can join?

TIPS has been expanded to include people who have arrived in Darwin under a range of migration visas. The Program used to be specifically for Refugee Visa holders, but is now also open to individuals and communities who have been settled longer and from a broader range of visa categories. The Northern Territory Department of Children & Families funds Melaleuca to run the Program.

What do we do?

Some of the topics covered are:TIPS father and child

  • communicating in families
  • active listening, tantrums
  • behaviour management
  • responsibility and honesty
  • parents self-esteem
  • parenting teenagers

The Program is:

  • free
  • multilingual
  • flexible, as sessions can be run at any suitable time, when people are available to attend
  • adaptable, relevant to people parenting children and young people of any age
  • supported, offering child care, transport and refreshments
  • accessible, as it doesn’t require reading or writing skills

There is also funding for ingredients if participants want to prepare food to eat together. Meals are an ideal time for catching up with each other and exchanging information.

What is happening now?

Melaleuca is currently organizing the next round of TIPS Programs. If you are an individual, a representative from a community group or a human services organization interested in hosting a course (all costs are already covered), please contact:

Gail Price– TIPS Program Coordinator Phone: (08) 8985 3311 Email: