PASTT Client Referral

Melaleuca Refugee Centre is a member of The Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (FASSTT). Clients can be referred to Melaleuca at any time they are ready for counselling or other interventions whether they are newly arrived or have been in Australia for many years. Interventions may be short, medium or long-term depending on the client’s needs and process of recovery. Referrals are formally assessed and if accepted, clients may be seen immediately or put on a managed wait list. Anyone can refer someone to Melaleuca (eg HSS providers, schools, GPs or the client themselves). Melaleuca’s counselling services use professional interpreters when needed and are free, confidential and voluntary.

Client Eligibility

The following people are eligible to access our services:

  • Refugee (or refugee-like) background; AND
  • History of torture and/or other traumatic events prior to arrival in Australia; AND
  • Experiencing psychological or psychosocial difficulties believed to be associated with their experience of torture and traumatic events; AND
  • Consent to receive our services.

How to make a referral to Melaleuca

  • Complete Melaleuca’s Referral Form
  • Post the referral form to the Counselling Team: PO Box 1930, Darwin NT 0801; OR
  • Email:; OR
  • Fax: 8985 3322; OR
  • Phone: 8985 3311 if you would like to discuss the referral

If the referral is appropriate, it will be allocated to a counsellor/advocate at Melaleuca Refugee Centre. A counsellor will contact the referrer to discuss the referral. The counsellor/advocate will phone the client within 2 weeks of the referral to arrange an assessment appointment. Not all cases will result in ‘one-to-one’ counselling with the person. In some cases it could be that a referral is made to another service.

More Information about the referral process, trauma, effects and signs of torture and other traumatic experiences can be found in the presentation document on how to make referrals to Melaleuca Refugee Centre. Please note that Melaleuca Refugee Centre is happy to deliver this material through face–to–face training for any external organisation. Please contact Melaleuca Refugee Centre to arrange this on the following email

Forms & Templates

Referral Form
Referral Template
Referral Presentation

Information & Contact

Counselling Team Leader
Phone: (08) 8985 3311