Side by Side

Side by Side is a new initiative involving the collaboration of community agencies and government departments, who are committed to supporting individuals and communities from diverse cultural backgrounds.

What does the Program aim to achieve?

Our objective is to promote respectful relationships that keep everyone safe.

Together, the project partners initiate conversations about how best to harness the strengths and wisdom of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, so as to:

  • promote respect and equality in relationships
  • draw out strengths in individuals, families and communities
  • prioritise harmony and safety
  • understand their rights, community expectations and laws
  • find out where to get information, help and support.

Program principles and values

At its foundation, Side by Side operates on strong community development principles and the following core values:

  • we see people’s strengths
  • women, youth and children’s safety and wellbeing are central
  • everyone is responsible
  • together we can make a difference
  • what we do today informs tomorrow
  • we find solutions together

Collaboration, trust and transparency

The initiative works on two levels:

  1. cultivating trust with diverse communities; and
  2. communities inviting agency partners to collaborate.

Existing and future challenges are then explored in alignment with community identified solutions that are culturally appropriate and uphold the outcome of respectful relationships.

Although Melaleuca is the coordinating agency, the strengths of this Program are the collaborative approach with partnering agencies, operating transparently at all times and the open invitation to welcoming other partner agencies.

Who are our Program partners?

We’re grateful to be partnering with a diverse range of agencies, including the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the NT Legal Aid Commission, Anglicare NT, the STEPS Group, the Multicultural Council of the NT, the Department of Home Affairs and the NT Police.

Any queries?

For more information about the Side by Side, please contact us on 08 8985 3311 or at